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  • Kroptek - iKrop 50W HiKROP-60 LED Grow Light A high powered LED grow light designed for indoor grow rooms. Emitting high levels of light, the HiKROP 60W can operate as a stand -alonelight fitting or can be connected to other HiKROP-50’s to create a larger luminaire. Product Features Modular build from 60W to 400W Proven spectrums or customized to...

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    Kroptek - Sun Stream 250 W A high-powered LED grow light designed for top lighting or supplementary lighting in indoor grow rooms and glasshouses. Suitable for vegetable, fruit, flower or medicinal marijuana crops, the iKrop-250L emits high levels of light. The iKrop-250L can operate as a standalone light fitting, can be connected in a series line with...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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