Kroptek - Sun Blast 330 W


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Kroptek - SunBlast 330 Watts

A high-powered LED grow light designed for top lighting or supplementary lighting in indoor grow rooms and glasshouses.

Emitting high levels of light, Sunblast 330 can operate as a stand-alone light fitting or can be connected to others units to create a larger luminaire.
In this way, a 660W LED grow light can be created by attaching 2 of the SunbLast 330 together and a 1000W LED grow light can be created by attaching 3 units together.
The  SUNBLAST 330  is a fully waterproof light fitting and can emit 216 µmol/m²/s at a distance of 1.5m

Technical Specification

Light Source: 3030, 56pcs x 7 modules

Installation: Hanging or rigid Fix Actual 330W Driver Meanwell HLG-320H

Warranty 3 years

UL, CE, FCC, RoHS Certification

Spectrum: Proven Spectrum Available or Customized as Required

Emission up to 2.3 μmol / J (spectrum dependent)

Input Voltage: AC 100V to 277V, 50 / 60Hz Waterproof IP65

Size: L743 x W258 x H98 mm / H220mm Beam Mixed Angle, 60 ° or 90 °

Color Silver gray

Weight N.W. 7.7 kg

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