Herborizer® Système TI

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The most of the French vape...

The Herborizer System Ti is an ultra powerful vaporizer that you can connect to any water chamber, bubbler, bang or water filter in 14mm or 18mm (choose from the options

- Swirling convection vaporization function, variable temperature from 90 ° to 300 ° C, for the vaporization of dry medicinal plants and oils (in the home), optimized for complete extraction in 1 or 2 inhalations     

- Enail function (option) with variable temperature from 170 ° C to 500 ° C, for the vaporization of the concentrates (in direct contact on the diffuser)     - All elements as well as the heating resistance sealed are in titanium (grade 2)     

- Adaptable to all Herborizer bodies and all types of glass pipes and bongs (RooR, PHx, Ehle, G-spot) equipped with a 18.8 mm lab seal     

- Works on 100 / 240VAC and 12VDC

Set including: 18.8mm Ti Fireplace, 5 Grids, Ti Injector, 4 Viton Gaskets, Ti Enail Glassware (option), Titanium (dabber) Tip, Dimmer, Storage Pouch, Adapter sector and the power cord Do not forget to select the power cord model: EU (France, Europe) US (United States, Canada) UK (United Kingdom) AU (Australia) Size of the firebox and enail seal (option): 18.8mm

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