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  • MATSUB life - PhenoPen Stylo Vape CBD - Cartouche 0,5 ml  de rechange non standard   Premium Pen ultra simple  . pas de bouton , détection du souffle  Vibration automatique  Chargeur USB  Puissante formule CBD à 60% . Full spectrum < 0,2% THC ( GMP )   sans additifs chimiques.

  •  FLYTLAB - CTRL  The Ctrl. Cartridge Vapor System by FLYTLAB provides an easy to use, efficient and discreet way for you to "Get Lifted". Featuring a sleek design, streamlined controls and unrivaled cartridge compatibility. The Ctrl. uses a high capacity 400 MaH built in battery with no need for any magnetic cartridge attachments or threading. Simply open...

Montrer 1 - 3 sur 3 produits

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